Outing Iran: Shirin Neshat


A reader writes:

One of my personal favorite Iraninan artists is Shirin Neshat. Her photographs are often done in black and white and have strong feminist tones to them. I find her work to be simple yet beautiful and captivating.

Wikipedia says:

[Neshat] grew up in a westernized household that adored the Shah of Iran and his ideologies. Neshat has stated about her father, “He fantasized about the west, romanticized the west, and slowly rejected all of his own values; both my parents did. What happened, I think, was that their identity slowly dissolved, they exchanged it for comfort. It served their class”. As a part of Neshat’s “Westernization” she was enrolled in a Catholic boarding school in Tehran. Through her father’s acceptance of Western ideologies came an acceptance of a form of western feminism.

("Speechless", 1996, B/W RC print and ink. More photos by Shirin Neshat here and here.)