Old White Males And Conservative Hotties

If you wonder why Fox News' newscasters all look like porn-stars, or why batshit homophobes like Ann Coulter retain a following, or Carrie Prejean becomes an instant star, don't forget the starbursts factor. Steve Chapman finally says the obvious. John McCain picked Sarah Palin because he was a) desperate, b) has no integrity, c) cares much more about his career than national security, and d) couldn't take his eyes off her boobs. Chapman:

Palin is not alone in using her looks to enchant the Republican faithful. Carrie Prejean went from being a runner-up for Miss USA to a conservative heroine because she came out against gay marriage in her pageant interview -- but also because she wears a bikini well. Ann Coulter would be just another rabid pit bull if not for the long hair and short skirts. Harriet Miers' problem was that she couldn't overcome her deficiencies with sex appeal. When people remain ardent fans of Palin no matter how badly she performs, it's reasonable to wonder what they are thinking. But thinking has nothing to do with it.

Poor Harriet Miers. A few face-lifts, boob-jobs and she could have been a Supreme Court Justice!