More Palin Reax

Here's her statement. Joe My God:

Just watched Palin's press conference. Bizarre. No real reasons given, just a reference to attacks on her son, Trig, plus a rambling history of the acquisition of Alaska. Palin didn't appear to be reading from any notes and the Lt. Governor seems rather stunned. The Freepers are very unhappy. Some say that she's taking the high road and leaving politics entirely to care for her family, some suspect a coming scandal - and many are calling her political career over.

Allahpundit agrees her career is over:

Placing your ambition over your commitment to the state looks shady, especially for someone who won’t have a single full term as governor under her belt for the primaries.

Josh Marshall:

Okay, we're getting our first indication of what happened. It seems like a colossal sulk on Palin's part, or perhaps better to say an effort on her part to ingeniously combine anti-liberal media bias agitation with Christianist politics by portraying herself as having been crucified by the liberal media.

Jed Lewison:

Unless she's a total moron, there's no way she's running for president. Then again, maybe she is a total moron.

Dan Riehl:

My take - she's not done and will look to go national in some way setting up for a possible 2012 run.