Meme-ry Loss

by Chris Bodenner

Andy Baio isolated the backgrounds of 23 famous Internet memes. Profundity and pathos emerge in the comments section:

Haha, I had a smile going down the list as I recognized each room/setting like an old friend. It would be like walking onto the empty set of a classic sitcom.

I should know more of these since me and my wife spend probably to much of our time watching vids together. Interesting idea, it is amazing how burned into our brain these videos are we can identify them without the personality(ies) involved in making them popular.

those photos shows no emotion.

Initially I was pleased that I could guess them all correctly, but that happiness soon turned to sadness as I looked back on a wasted life...

I am sad I know many of these. (insert meme here that goes with my sadness)

note that all 22 have been played off by the keyboard cat