Mahmoud's A Man Out

by Chris Bodenner

Ahmahdinejad's pick for VP bows out after three days. Nader Uskowi reacts:

Mashaie’s appointment came under harsh criticism by the conservatives, normally allies of Ahmadinejad. They objected to a remark he had made last year saying the Israeli people were friends of the Iranians. The appearance of nepotism (Mashaie’s daughter is married to Ahmadinejad’s son) also did not help his case. [...] The last thing he needed was being attacked by Shaiatmadari and the conservatives on the very first appointment to his new cabinet. He should have expected the reaction from the right to this nomination, but it seems that he may be loosing touch with the realities on the ground.

Or perhaps it was a shrewd ploy to appear moderate, knowing from the onset that the pick would never be accepted? Why else would Ahmadi give in so quickly?

Update: Mashaie is denying reports and says he is staying on.