Live-Tweeting The Revolution: Rafsanjani Speaks


People have started protesting in nearby streets but the forces are trying to disperse them.

The sermon is over & people are chanting "our blood belongs to Khameni" OR "Hashemi, may god keep you safe"

He asked for releasing the detainees. AND his voice is shaking!!

Hashemi: We should not keep people detained in this situation. They should be reunited with their families.

Hashemi's solutions: Freedom in IRIB, discussion of conflicts, freedom of detainees, sympathy with those suffering

(3) We should create an env that ppl can talk and discuss.

(2) everyone has to act according to the law.

His suggestions: (1) we should return ppl's trust.

He said we should try to gain the trust of those who are mourning. Although difficult

Rafsanjani said he "consulted" some members of the Assembly of Experts. May be an indirect warning to Khamenei

I think he said the Guardian council's capabilities were not used correctly, & I won't say whose fault it was!

He blamed the guardian council. #iranelection ppl (not clear which side) chanting!

He called this 'problem' a 'crisis'.

Basij chanting in support of Khamenei, yet Raf keeps thanking them as though they r chanting 4 him

He's basically asking state TV to let Mousavi's side defend themselves

We need an environment where all sides can express themselves, this is the duty of TV & media

Raf: neither side wanted this to happen, we all lost

Unfortunately #iranelection was a big loss for everyone. We need unity.

Rafsanjani talking about "doubt" among ppl regarding the results of the #iranelection.

Raf emphasizes "Islamic" = "people choose", basij are not liking...

According 2 #iran constitution everything is done with ppl's vote. Even supreme leader.

Raf says Khomeini always said the people should have the main role in Islamic republic

Saying I was there in every moment of the revolution. I know what Imam wanted.

Now talking about #iranelection

Rafsanjani asked ppl not 2 chant B/C of the "speical" circumstances & what's going on the nearby streets!?

I think for the first time ever in Iran, ppl are chanting "death to china"

Rafsanjani is citicising China (poke to Khamenei who didn't) but says I'm saying this as a brother to China

I am alive.the hit ppl with batons and pipes in 12 farvardin and daneshjoo avenue!

I think Rafsanjani is trying 2 remind Basij that Mohammad is a much higher authority in Islam than Khamenei

And YES. his voice was shaking when talking about prophet's death.

Now talking about how prophet was worried about differences&discord happened among his ppl b4 his death.

Ok he's back to normal. I thought he came close to tears when he was talking about the humility of the prophet

Rafsanjani seems to be on the verge of crying! Am I hearing right?!

Rafsajani is telling the history of early days of Islam and Mohammad.

Rafsanjani: I will propose a solution for today's situation. Although it's my opinion...

Raf emphasizes that these are HIS views and hopes others will think about them

Rafsanjani has started his speech. People yelling speakers! because many can't hear him

It seems TV is not going to show Friday prayers (greens were doing to participate). If true, they are REALLY afraid of

Shadi Sadr has been viciously arrested on her way to Friday prayer

A few hours before the prayer Tabnak reported unprecedented presence of people at the prayer

Massive crowds marching toward Tehran University as I type this, I'm hoping for a historic day, hope is all we have now

4k-5k basijis in prayer area & slept there.most of crowd is stuck outside but chanting is louder than speakers inside