Live-Tweeting The Revolution: Rafsanjani Speaks II

by Patrick Appel

A new batch from the last few hours (as always, these should be read very provisionally until confirmed):

Human rights activist Shadi Sadr violently arrested in Tehran on her way to Friday prayers. fears arrests are intensifying

plainclothes leaders (giving orders into walkie-talkies), plainclothes filming w professional cameras (intelligence agents),

Types of uniforms I [our correspondent] saw today: all-camouflage (Basij), all-black (special guard),

and, ones I’d never seen before in all-blue uniforms (navy??!)

He personally walked thru where it extended from Gisha to Teh Uni ... his estimate was 1 to 1.5 million...

So far, one eyewitness told me the crowd was the second-biggest he'd seen since the initial Enqelab-Azadi [Revolution to Freedom Square]...

R Police Broke Both Hands 1friends after attacking crowds, she is afried go to Hospital and wait for a MD somewhere else

Heavy Clashes at Keshavarz Bl. Amirabad St, Uni Doorm, Ferdosi SQ, Jomhori, Azadi St., almost all central City Continue

Reports:Gun shoots, Fire,Blockage and Heavy Clashes at Azadi St

Eye Witness: 1 hr ago many tear gas shooted to ppl,even pro-regimes scaped from Friday Pray

No Mobile Network in Central, Heavy Clashes at Jamalzadeh Cr. (Azadi St.)Tear gas and Blockage...

Shadi Sadr (Advocate, Feminist, Journalist) kidnaped by Sec. Forces on her way to Tehran Uni.

One eyewitness estimates crowd more than a million, filling sts from Tehran U to Vali Asr

Crowds moving toward Evin prison where opp supporters held

Today tear gas was hit in front of the wheelchair of a disabled war veteran and he lost his consciousness.

Tear gas fired all around Enghelab, especially Ghods ave. & 16-Azar ave

There were many buses in front of the university showing some people were forced by gov. organizations to go.

At the same time people who really wanted to go were being attacked by batons & tear gas.

Photo above said to be of Mehdi Karroubi losing his turban in a confrontation.  A reader points to a story on the attack:

It seems true. BBC Persian had an article on it. Will translate in a few minutes, but the gist of it is that they have attacked him verbally and took his turban (the symbol of clerics) from his head.