Live-Tweeting The Revolution: Day 28


Initial tweets here. The latest:

From Iran: Despite being beaten, general feeling is that we WON today!

Its really hard hear friend said goodbye a few hrs ago got shot & cant find him others,am sorry cant update anymore tonight...

Clashes at Narmak and Tehran Pars, 11PM...

Hearing VERY powerful shouts of "Allaho Akbar" here in Qeitarieh. I'm gonna go on the roof and join them. B back

in Amirabad , now hear the voice of shooting and people's Allah Akbar people are all on the roofs

Very proud of brave Iranians: Can't believe there were so many ppl on the streets today.

while peopple were beaten at streets Ahmadenejad said that I am servant of people

Reports: Hezbollah Attacked Polytechnic Dorm!

the group who help me in gthering information and news for twitter were beaten today in Tehran

RT CONFIRMED PROTESTS IN Tehran,Shiraz,Isfahan,Ahwaz,Babol,Kerman,Mashhad, Sari

eyewitness: many who got arrested were not among protesters, but got beaten & taken away by force and violently

Todays' slogans against Mojtaba Khamenei!

Back home from my mothers house, 7tir sq where FULL of riot police, Basij, plain cloths and other suppressors.


Cars in the streets...fires everywhere in Azadi street...Basij breaking car windows

ppl have overcome some basij & taken their batons away. From them you can hear death to khamenei

UNCONFIRMED! RT: Mirdamad Metro was set on fire by people

FR Valiasr intersection, plainclothes and police hit ppl mercilessly with batons.

People attacked Basij in SaadatAbad and Sattarkhan

Basidj used a gas that burned our skins its still red and inflamed

Plain clothes r now pulling ppl out of stores attacking ppl in streets around enghelab squar

Evin Prison There Was Many Executions Earlier Today Number Unknown

Clashes in front of Evin Prison!

Riot Police using Plastic Bullets at Enghelab Sq, Clashes spreading to all streets nearby.

Just heard one friend Got Shot near Azadi Sq. I am so worry about him,... lost contact with them...

Reports: Army Helicopters Shooting at People at Azadi Sq. (not conf)...

Heavy Clashes near Azadi Sq. at least 3 people get shoted by Sec. forces...

Gun Shoots is hearing from Kargar Shomali St..


Police Shooting Teargas at Poeple infront of Tehran University

10sThousands ppl Chanting against Regime at Vanak sq., Vali Asr sq., Ferdosi, Vali Asr Cr, Tehran Uni, Polythecnic Uni..

Clashes At Vali Asr Sq. Spreading to all nearby Streets including Vila St...

One girl harshly arrested as she was dragged on the ground and thrown into a van... many others arrested

Police arresting seemingly at random, throwing tear gas into buses

very heavy Basiji presence. Almost all have handguns.

more than 500 cyclist are going up and down on streets and taking photos of ppl .

PPL got attacked and eye witness reported bloody PPL and teargas.

and she said that they weren't able to get their calls to go through either. So apparently cell phone service has been disrupted. end quote

I have not been able to call anyone. I called a friend's mom at their home (in Tehran)

Apparently HUGE turnout, Basij desperately trying to block enghelab

6:29pm in Tehran right now, Reports of Moussavi showing might pop up as he had stated he would attend earlier