Labor Of Love

by Chris Bodenner

Iran video hunter Chas Danner splices together footage from today's demonstrations into an excellent compilation. (And don't miss his Rooftop Project if you haven't seen it already.)

Update: Chas vents about the proliferation of people re-posting duplicates of new clips:

People I think get a little too amped up “collecting” without context, without foresight, without an overall citizen-journalist sense of trying to present in a cohesive narrative. Cutting down the clutter makes my life and the lives of the other people trying to cover this story a lot easier too.

Now today I put up a compilation of seven videos in which I did not source each one in the description, so I’m a hypocrite – but I do feel like I added something to them by making it easier for one person to see seven videos of the same day and event, instead of weeding through the dozen duplicates of each of those seven videos to try and find out what happened.