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More exhausted, straight-from-the-1970s boilerplate, but this statement really stood out:

In July 2007, Obama said that he would order U.S. forces out of Iraq as quickly as possible, even if he knew it would lead to an Iraqi genocide. This makes Obama the first president in modern memory to have suggested that causing a genocide would be in America’s national interest.

Er, how about George W. Bush?

The first genocide in Iraq took place as thousands and thousands of Iraqis were murdered on sectarian grounds, under the occupation of the US between 2004 and 2007. The genocide of which Obama speaks would be one after the US had left a country invaded under false pretenses. The genocide Goldberg has conveniently forgotten took place while the US president and defense secretary refused to add any troops to stop the massacres. And it was justified as the cost of removing WMDs in America's national interest.

And if a genocide takes place if Obama withdraws troops (which I think he will betray us all on), it will be Bush's genocide, not Obama's. Just as the coming tax hikes necessary to pay for Bush's wars and spending explosion should be named after George W. Bush.