It's Not Just About Her, It's About Them

It's about the cynicism and lies of a man like McCain; it's about the cowardice of the MSM; it's about the GOP leadership "working the refs" with the media in the first few days to prevent any serious questions being asked of this farce of a candidate; it's about political consultants still working for a campaign when they knew they could be electing someone utterly unqualified to be a mayor let alone a president; it's about editors of National Review gooing about "starbursts" when the candidate knows nothing about domestic or foreig policy; it's about Bill Kristol wanting a hood ornament to guide the Christianist masses into an attack on Iran; it's about a lie of a resume being parlayed by the media as if it were fact; it's about media jourbalists in league with campaign spokesmen to smear any journalists trying to get at the truth; it's about propagandists like Greta van Susteren posing as journalists; it's about an entire system that is rotten and in collusion at the very top.

That's why we must not let this episode pass without real inquiry, the kind of inquiry the MSM refuses to conduct. Because it would incriminate the MSM as well.