Hasta La Vista

by Conor Friedersdorf

Thanks are due to Andrew for asking me to guest blog, to Patrick and Chris for their characteristically superb work keeping everything running smoothly, to my estimable co-guest bloggers Conor Clarke and Robert Wright, and to Dish readers, the most enjoyable audience in the blogosphere for whom to write. It is a pleasure to receive feedback so thoughtful from an audience so diverse.

Should anyone want to keep up with my writing, I'll be back at The American Scene for now, alongside a wonderful group of co-bloggers. And I've also got a project going at True/Slant where I pick a different blog each week and write about it. (As always, Dish readers are free to contact me for any reason at conor dot friedersdorf at gmail dot com.)

Whenever you return, Andrew, welcome back. We're all looking forward to it.