Hagee And Kirchick - An On And Off Alliance

"The pastor of Cornerstone Church of San Antonio, [John Hagee] is indeed a pea-brained bigot ... and it's sad -- and uncharacteristic -- of McCain to accept his support. Those people unsatisfied with Barack Obama's equivocations about Louis Farrakhan should have the intellectual consistency to admit that McCain's embrace of Hagee is far more troubling," - Jamie Kirchick, TNR, February 2008.

"Rather than draw attention to the murderous antisemitism, terrorism and impending nuclear-armed theocracy that Israel must confront, J Street prefers to churn out countless blog posts, press releases and op-eds denouncing the people who it believes are the real impediments to peace: stalwart defenders of Israel like Pastor John Hagee, Senator Joe Lieberman and former House speaker Newt Gingrich," - Jamie Kirchick, the Forward, July 2009.