Fred's Palin Plan

If this is what her most loyal supporters are now saying, her diva flame-out wasn't exactly a brilliant move:

Win Alaska's lone House seat in 2012 and oust Democratic senator Nick Begich in 2014. A term in the House and another in the Senate--nothing would do more to groom her for the White House than this and transform her into the best Republican candidate for the presidency in, say, 2020, when she'd be 56.

Can we all be grown up for a minute and concede something very simple? There are three explanations for the latest circus act: either Sarah Palin is so crazy she actually believes that what she just did is good for her political career; she has decided that her future is as a celebreality star and she's pursuing the lucrative Coulter-style, long legs and fascist farrago strategy; or, a scandal of monumental proportions is about to hit.

All you can know is that no MSM reporter is going to be interested in asking the necessary questions to find out. They didn't last fall and they aren't now.