Goldblog points out some highlights from the David Frum and Daniel Levy debate from last week. Levy:

Obama has never, repeat never, publicly referred to Israel's nuclear arsenal directly, though he has on numerous occasions bluntly expressed his opposition to any Iranian acquisition of a nuclear weapons capacity. ... here is a partial list of the strict sanctions regime the United States imposes on Iran, unilaterally (in addition to US-led international sanctions): No electronics or machinery (including spare parts for Iranian civilian aircrafts), no investing or lending of any kind (which applies to any bank that has any business in Iran, not just Iranian banks), and no goods with a value greater than $100, with only minor exceptions. Here is the comprehensive list of US support and assistance to Iran: zero.

Here is the comprehensive list of the sanctions regime that the US imposes on Israel: zero.

Here is a very partial list of US support and assistance to Israel under Mr Obama: implementation of the US-Israel MoU, $2.775 billion in assistance, initiation of a new strategic working group, funnily enough on Iran, as requested by Israel, $550m paid to Israel six months early as part of the financial-year 2009 supplemental appropriation (thereby incurring a cost in interest to the US treasury and benefits to the Israeli treasury), support for immigration resettlement to the tune of $25m and it goes on.