Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

You say, "This is insane," in regards to the testing of food to verify whether it is truly vegan or not.

My 28-year-old nephew is extremely allergic to eggs. If he comes in contact with a pan that an egg has been fried in or any food item containing eggs, his throat rapidly swells up and he has to be taken to the hospital (this happened several times last year). He has few options for eating at restaurants- so he eats the meals my sister makes him in bulk and freezes for him.

If a restaurant states they provide vegan food, including egg-free dishes, they should do so. There are many people out there like my nephew, who want to eat out occasionally, but have extreme allergies to milk products, seafood, or eggs.

It isn't insane at all. For many people, this is a life or death issue.