Deranged Dentist Names, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

I've got one just as good as Dr. Bonebreak. The oral surgeon who pulled my wisdom teeth is named Dr. Fear. He works with a Dr. Hitchcock. I'm really not kidding.

Another writes:

We had to convince our nine-year-old that Dr. Ken Hurt--wouldn't. (BTW he is an excellent orthodontist and I highly recommend him.)


Our family dentist is Dr. Fang


As a child I had a dentist named Dr. Payne -- which was a little ironic, too, given that he was the first in our town to offer the then-new "painless" dentistry.


A bunch of friends and I were just having this conversation last night. My contribution Fail-dental-aid was Dr. Scull. Yes, it's pronounced skull. I laugh (nervously) every time I think of it.


My dentist, for the past 44 years, has been Dr. Pick.


The guy who pulled my wisdom teeth (to create more room in my mouth) was named  Dr. Widner (pronounced "widener"). And I had a dentist a few years ago named Dr. Roach.


There is an oral surgeon in Cleveland named Dr. Blood. Despite the name, he is a great doc.


When I worked at the Nebraska Medical Center, there were two faculty/dentists who had great dentist names. I just checked the directory and they are still there: Dr. Payne and (I'm not kidding) Dr. Toothaker.


As a kid, I had a dentist named Dr. Root.  All I can say is that 30 years later, I am still terrified to go to the dentist.

And why not:

I'm a bit late to the party, but I thought I'd share -- my grandma's proctologist's name is Dr. Ramsbottom.  I'm not making this up;  I'm simply not that creative.