Departing the Dish

By Conor Clarke

I expect this to be my last post for the Dish. I'm leaving for Argentina tonight, for a week of completely pointless wandering. I've packed one novel (the endless Infinite Jest) and I have absolutely no plans to find a computer or read an email or write a blog post for the next nine days.

That said, It's been great experience blogging here, if short-lived. (It's sort of like getting one of those invincibility stars in Mario Brothers: You can squish a lot of goombas and turtles, but you know in the back of your head that it's only going to last 30 seconds.) And it's been an especially great pleasure reading the many emails that I've received over the past few days (and responding when my carpal tunnels have been up to it). I hope some of you will join me over on my own blog, where I'll be back on July 27.