Bill Clinton Supports Marriage Equality?

by Patrick Appel

I'm not as impressed as Conor. Chris Geidner slices and dices what Bill Clinton actually said about marriage equality:

[D]espite suggestions to the contrary, nothing in Clinton's statement is anywhere near a reversal on DOMA.  It certainly was not a statement that he supported a repeal of DOMA.  Section 2 of DOMA allows states to ignore same-sex marriages entered into in other states; Section 3 defines marriage at the federal level as between one man and one woman.  Clinton's statement was personally supportive of marriage equality and supportive of state actions that allowed for marriage equality.  That's all.

Though it's nice to have Bill Clinton pay lip service to marriage equality, I have a hard time forgiving him to for past anti-gay offenses. If Clinton was serious about equality, he would admit that DOMA was a mistake and work to repeal it.