Biden's Latest Burst Of Genius

An email from Iran tells you all you need to know:

I am sure you heard what Obama's vice president Biden told today to American TV, he said he can't do anything if Israel attacks Iran. What do you think is going to happen? Is he crazy? This is a big gift for Ahmadi nejad, his supporters are going to tell us that Israel and USA hate Ahamdi Nejad and now that they can't bring him down with a velvet revolution, then they are going to attack us ... This is a betrayal of green movement and all of us who are in a war with these cheaters and killers. It is like you are in a war with no weapons and Ahamdi nejad has all the weapons in front of you and then suddenly from behind America and Israel send their jets and drop bomb on protesters, politically I mean.

It proves the theory that Americans prefer to deal with dictators in this area than leaders elected by people. Israel would not dare attack Iran if Mousavi was president. That is why they like Ahamdi nejad and Ahamdi Nejad likes them because if they attack he will kill us all in the name of a foreign enemy and nothing will change even if they bomb all the atomic centers. Ahamdi Nejad will stay for years and people's attention will go on a war with a foreigner attack. If you interview Obama's vice president, tell him thanks for the support!

The protest will go on Thursday. God help us all. I will send you any news when I get it.