Biden's Latest Burst Of Genius, Ctd.

Marc Lynch:

[A] variety of comments from assorted well-placed worthies have come my way over the last day, some online and others privately.  Most suggest that Biden's comments were not meant to change U.S. policy, and that if anything he meant to distance the U.S. from any Israeli strike (though a few speculate that it was actually meant to strengthen the U.S. bargaining position ahead of the Moscow talks).  If that's the case, then it is only that much more important to repeat that his comments are being nigh-universally presented in the Middle Eastern media (Israeli and Arab, at least) as a "green light."   If that wasn't the intended signal, then the administration needs to recognize that its signaling has gone awry and clear it up before it's too late...

Why is Biden allowed on national television? He's incapable of staying on message which, in terms of foreign policy, is a disaster. He should be used internally.