Appliance Protest

Iranian twitterers are claiming victory in a coordinated series of blackouts during Ahmadinejad's televised speech yesterday:

The protesters had earlier pre-arranged a call for Iranians to plug in heavy power load household devices such as dryers, irons and toasters at 9:45pm local time, as Ahmadinejad's speech began. Online Twitter feeds claimed blackouts were achieved in East Tehran, Sari, Tabriz, Isfehan, Rodehen, Saghez, Lavasan, Ahvaz, Khoramshahr, Dezfol, Jahrom, Khomini Shahr, Shahin Shar, Folad Shahr, Kashan and some of Rasht.

Some sample tweets:

Iron Tactic tonight: Call for Black Out During Ahmadinejad Live at TV , Tehran Time 21.30...

Yes It Worked!

Ghazvin went in Black Out, People Chanting" Death to Dictator" on the roofs in many cities...