Another Theory

This one makes some kind of sense as well:

Palin wrote (or free-associated) the resignation speech her bigself in a snit over the Trig photoshops and the tidbits Schmidt and Team McCain were leaking in the news ... the speech was a very bad, jesus-take-the-wheel moment when she said she prayed on the decision, use of the royal “we”, rambling disjointed, resentful and angry.

What if … McCain or Schmidt or someone told her to step down or they would go public with the whole epic fail of Palin’s campaign performance? I believe there is a whole lot more we haven’t heard. That speech had the whole, my way, and you be damned, and ima do an end run around Team McCain and build my own GOP constituency flavor.

Plausible. Something precipitated the sudden meltdown. And it was sudden. All we know is that Palin is unable to tell the truth about it and the MSM has no interest in finding out. Maybe we'll find out one day. Despite the MSM, not because of it.