An Old-Style Republican On Palin

A reader writes:

To make me easier to stereotype, I'm been a Republican for 10 years, and I'm one of those small-town-raised, Ivy-educated, conservative finance guys in the North. I've always maintained that, based on my personal principles, when the GOP presents a good candidate it trumps the Dem candidate, so my 'option' to vote in a Republican primary is more valuable - even if I sometimes vote across party lines in the actual election. Right now, the frustrating thing about the GOP is it appears to be searching for meaning, and finding it in an obsession with protecting anyone who will raise their banner. Instead of being policy-based, the GOP leaders apparently think my vote is analagous to rooting for a sports team: somehow, I'm more interested in seeing the party 'win' than 'legislate effectively'.This Palin nonsense took me over the brink: why is my party defending her? What exactly is she doing that adds any value to America? Yet, no one seems ready to denounce her.

Some strategist may think she's our best hope for 'winning', yet Palin really doesn't stand (in actions, not words) with any of my party's principles. The GOP has many faults, but they've traditionally been a party which was strong on integrity and consistency. Now I see a party that continues to deny environmental dangers, advocates over-action in Iran, and argues against necessary - albeit distasteful - public bailouts. All to differentiate themselves from the Dems. I want a party that bases its decisions on a set of discreet values and legislates accordingly - and if the GOP is content to market themselves as anti-Dem, instead of pro-value, I'm switching my registration.