A Young Martyr

Rooz online interviews the sister of Ashkan Sohrabi, an 18-year-old Iranian killed by the Basij on Saturday, June 20:

Rooz: Tell us about Ashkan.

Elham Sohrabi (Sohrabi): He was my younger brother, born in 1989, very smart and full of potential for education and sports.  He was extremely kind and compassionate.  Despite his young age, he made very wise decisions. Ashkan

Rooz: Where were you on the day of the event?

Sohrabi:  My mother and I were at our house.  Ashkan had just returned from the gym.  He told us people were protesting on the streets and that fires were burning everywhere.  He said he had trouble getting home as anti-riot guards had closed off all surrounding streets and were dispersing people.  My mother asked me not to let Ashkan return to the streets.  I tried my best to distract Ashkan with things other than the street, but the crowds on our streets (Azadi) continued to get bigger.  People sought refuge in alleys and homes.  We heard different chants and the sound of bullets and smell of tear gas were everywhere.  I asked Ashkan not to go to the street.  But he said his last words to me and left the house: "Don't worry, I'll come back."

He was shot three times in the chest.