A Sea Of People, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

That post is of a video from protests weeks ago; I specifically remember the video, including location (narrow street, many people), the bridge, and the running-up-the-stairs-while-pointing-the-camera-low. I believe the video was actually posted on the Daily Dish too.

I had had a vague feeling that was the case as well. But Raye Man Kojast? is usually a reliable source, and in the immediacy of the moment I leaned towards posting. I just got done scanning several weeks of the Dish and couldn't spot the same video. If anyone happens to know where that same footage is posted on the Dish or elsewhere, I'd be grateful to correct the record.

Update: Regardless of that particular video's veracity, this point remains:

Hundreds of thousands of green-clad protesters (at least two eye-witnesses told me that it may have been closer to one million) flooded the streets after Rafsanjani’s speech.