"Politically, If I Die, I Die"

Palin used that formulation before in her introduction of Michael Reagan:

Let me ask you why is it considering how fast the world is spinning and world changing events that go on all over the globe that do affect our lives, world changing events, thousands of them every day, why do you suppose that it’s the same big three supposedly competing networks that have the same news content every night and virtually the same exact viewpoint being spewed night after night after night.  We’ve gotta ask those questions.  So I join you in speaking up and asking the questions and taking action, and here at home in my beloved Alaska I just  say, politically speaking, if I die, I die.

Oookaay. Mudflats notes:

Ironic that ABC News, one of those “supposedly competing” networks that “spew” the same viewpoint night after night, according to Palin, is the one she invited to come pick fish with her.

Any tool will do.