"It Is Your Fault Mr Khamenei!"

NIAC publishes some blistering excerpts from a speech delivered by conservative mullah Haddi Ghaffari against the Supreme Leader:

"Khamenei, your recent actions and behavior has brought shame to us clerics. Our image in the streets and bazaars has been tarnished as everyone is placing us in the same category as Ahmadinejad.” “Khamenei, you are wrong, your actions are wrong. I believe in the velayat e fagih more than you.”

“I’m not preaching these messages so that I could be associated with the West. I loathe the West and will fight to the last drop of my blood before I or my land succumbs to the West. On the contrary, I’m preaching these messages on the count that the respect for our profession is gone.” “Young people are not praying anymore, whose fault is that? It is your fault Mr. Khamenei, it’s your fault for placing us in the same line as that lunatic Ahmadinejad.”

NIAC adds:

Ghaffari [was a former minister under Khomeni and] played a major role in the creation of Hezbollah–he is no reformist by any stretch of the imagination, and his frontal assault on Khamenei would have been extremely taboo prior to the election.

Muhammad Sahimi has more on the growing rifts between conservative clerics. I believe in my gut that this revolution has just started.