Zahra's Speech Translated

The gist from a Farsi-speaking reader:

"Mousavi isn't doing this for himself, he's doing for the people, you. If he was doing it for himself, he would sit back and not fight it. But because he and his supporters don't want a dictator anymore, they want freedom of speech and freedom of the media, and better relationships with the world. I urge our supporters to be careful listening to what others tell you to do. I'm telling you on behalf of Mousavi to come out at 4pm tomorrow in support."

At the end, a male questioner asked her to advise Mousavi to be clear with the supporters: "Please tell him to stand up for us because we are standing up for him. 50 of our brothers are in jail." She affirmed that "we are all standing" for you.The video is here. The details of the message - a rally tomorrow, a strike on Tuesday - are here.