Blogger "Laura" at HotAir thinks that she has caught me in a contradiction because I defended publishing information about prop 8 donors' - as mandated by law:

Evidently Sullivan does not expect Publius to be proud of his formerly unaccountable free speech, nor thankful for the increased opportunity for political engagement. Publishing a name and job is merciless targeting; publishing a name, job and address is just good politics.

When someone contributes money to an initiative, that donation becomes public information. Merely publishing it does not out someone's anonymity; it simply publicizes something already available to anyone who finds it. And we simply didn't see the gay hordes besieging Prop 8 homes and addresses thereafter, as so many anti-gay hysterics forecast. What the list did accomplish was show which people the marriage equality movement has yet to win over; and which people we have to work harder to convince. That's partly why this information is public in the first place - that and revealing quite how dedicated the Church of Latter Day Saints is to removing the civil rights of others who do not live up to their theology.

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