The Lede gets an e-mail from Hooman Madj, author of The Ayatollah Begs to Differ:

The issue with Iran at this very moment is that everything is conjecture, and of course millions of rumors. What is that the mere fact that the vote is being challenged is a direct challenge to the Supreme Leader. The Supreme Leader is very smart and may decide the opposition won’t back down, and if so, he may decide to come out on their side. It’s all very fluid and we don’t know what the results of all the 24-hour a day closed door meetings will be. I do know that those meetings are taking place, and I do know that no one has finalized a plan on the reform side. I do know that Rafsanjani, one of the most powerful men in Iran, has not publicly made any statements, which means that he hasn’t bought into the Supreme Leader line, at least not yet.

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