When Barack Asked Nico

The Washington establishment was appalled. The media skeptics claimed it was like Bush and Fox. But something else was going on, as a reader notes:

Here is the person on the HuffPo doing what I think can only really be called open source intelligence that it used to take elaborate covert ops missions to do. He's plugged in with all these contacts in Iran and aggregating information. People like him and you all over are doing similar things or aiding the resistance with proxy servers.

But here is the Politico and the usual suspects all aghast about the pecking order being altered! And after a week of histrionics about "not supporting" the resistance enough, Obama asks for a question from an Iranian and "WHOOSH!" right over their heads yet again. Of course the regime's intelligence people are watching as Obama flaunts the capacity of free Americans to do what they fear the most. It was pure psychological warfare - like Nixon showing Khrushchev the typical suburban American home with two cars in the driveway. We can touch them, we can communicate, we can influence to the degree that the POTUS can get a question from an Iranian at a press conference. And they these paranoid medievalists can't really do much about it without damaging their all important personal wealth by disrupting business operations or risk more rebellion by totally shutting down the Internet.

Yes, it was artful. Too artful for the Beltway to understand. If Obama is two steps behind his own movement, the Washington MSM is about ten steps further in the rear.