What This Election Became

Direct from Iran, via Twitter, an Iranian-American interviews his uncle:

Basically, the Iranian people want the following: 1. Take steps towards democracy 2. Have good and free relations with entire world (incl US) 3. Seek peace, as we are people who want peace with neighboring countries 4. seek progress, for a better situation and position in the world 5. These are all aims which Mousavi, Rezaee, and Karroubi desire. We are told by Mousavi, Rezaee, and Karroubi that they are going to govern peacefully, strive for good relationships with other countries, and bring peace to the country. They support progress, and want good relations with other nations, even Israel and the US. They'd also like to stop giving economic support to palestinian terrorists.

Then this:

"Have you seen the demonstrations personally?"
- Yes, I have seen them personally, but I didnt dare to go into them personally. There are too many army people [riot police] there. They are very rough in their actions."
"They are violent?"
- Thats right. They hit people with electric batons and tear gas. They want to make people fear them.
- In Ekhbatan (south western Tehran, ~500k people), we see the demonstrations from the 9pm onward every night. People go outside and shout slogans like "we want our vote," "we want our president," "we don't want Ahmadinejad," "down with the dictator," and "down with Ahmadinejad". Also, I witnessed the army [riot police] attack some people and break into homes and break many street windows between 2AM and 3AM (both saturday and sunday night).
- Now we are waiting for Monday's demonstrations, to see what happens.