Via the Lede, some new video, said to be from yesterday's rally:

And here is an email from an Iranian architecture student in response to Khamenei's provocative speech today:

We have promised not to give up until prove our right. Did you hear what Khameneyi ( the supreme leader) said in his speech today. He is really a devil. He gathered his and Ahmadi Nejad's followers against the people who just want freedom. He ordered to kill everybody who is against his thought and orders. But you can see what will happen in Iran. Unfortunatelly, I can smell blood. People and the student won't accept dictatorship and won't give up even if he kill all of us. Please tell the world we (Iranian) are not like him. He is not our leader.  He is againts his country, nation and any other nations in the world. He is just a devil against humanity.

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