From this morning; mid-day and evening in Iran (above video via Nico said to be of yesterday's protests):

spread this slogan: ???????? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ???? "Democracy is our motto-- Violence we disdain"

e-source: the capital city is feels like a bad movie, as though everyone is pretending that yesterday did not happen

Iran is full of rumors - but the army is NOT on streets - not against the people - no tanks yet

Reports: Some Protesters gathering near Baharstan SQ, Central Tehran.

About 1000 Protesters are now in fornt of UN office, Shahrzad Bl, Tehran, People trying to pass Police Blocking...

RT we will revenge our fallen sisters and brothers by civil disobedience and peaceful protest. we won't fall in violence trap.

According to some analysts, the total number of Iranian martyrs in the past seven days could be over 200 people.

0618LONDON:DanKitwood:Getty e-source-unconf: ppl getting ready to close down the main market in tehran known as "bazaar," would have big effect on economy

e-source: Mousavi supporters planning more demos today...everyone is waiting to hear from Mousavi or his wife.

Just spoke to an American tourist who was kidnapped by Basij yesterday, held for 4 hrs on suspicion of being a spy.

Mousavi - I did not go to meeting of Guardian Council Sat because their final decision was made on Friday b4 I go

a friend in the U.S. told me she had seen twitter report about 8 pm curfew in tehran. this is FALSE. pls don't sprad rumors!

I got confirmation, sadly one of my friends arrested right now on the way to UN HQ, Tehran

RT Rafsanjani's daughter and a few of their relatives are being held in a military base. #iranelection is filtered! I'm back home from office. Hearing rumors all the time and I do not know what is happening anymore.

BreakingNews: Reuters: Iranian dissident grand Ayatollah Montazeri calls three days of mourning for killed protesters

Sadlly I got a message from a friend: her BF was killed last night, Nima 24, Engreeing Student, Shot Dead at Kargar St.

ARMY NOT in Tehran, gov agent tweeters trying 2 spread Panic. regime wants you 2 be terrified

Iranian Bus Workers Join the Resistance

People across Tehran will light candles in remembrance of those who lost their lives in violence yesterday

The ministry has dispatched teams to newspapers' printing-houses to censor what they wish.

Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance continues to censor and heavily monitor all newspapers before being published

Choppers continue to hover over Tehran. It is unclear whether they belong to the Army, Basij or Sepah (Revolutionary Guard)

Unrest in Tehran continues. People are gathering in Vali-Asr, Enqelab and Baharaestan. Some others are protesting in front of UN office.

A nationwide strike could be staged for Tuesday, June 23. More reports on this later.

Farhad Rahbar,Tehran University dean,says all detained students have been released.HIS COMMENTS R PURE FABRICATION.

Absurd) Farsnews agency: Faezeh Hashemi detained for her safety against possible assassination attempts.

Mohammad Yazdi, a Guardian Council member, says the establishment has no duty to convince Mousavi of election's results.

Rafsanjani detainees confirmed. Faezeh is one of them. They will be held until clashes are over

Crackdown on Reformists: Kourosh Za'eem, a member of Iran's National Front party, is arrested

Rumors say Rafsanjani has succeeded in gathering support from 18 members of the Experts Assembly so far.

Video said to be after mysterious chemical was dispersed by chopper:

Larijani, Iran's Majlis speaker, criticizes Guardian Council members (supposed to be neutral) for backing a certain candidate (Ahmadinejad)

Jon Leyne, BBC's Tehran correspondent, has been expelled by Iran. He has 24 hours to leave the country.

Mousavi - We are(Independently) working on a gerneral Strike Plan. Please help us with your ideas if you have expertise

Faeze Hashemi Rafsanjani and family members being held prisoner in military compound

MOUSAVI - We need advice and help to organize a National Strike Plan - if u can help post on his facebook

ppl prepare - soon Iran will be cripple with strikes - already petrol shortages being reported

all foreign satellite tv news has been stopped in Iran - they think a blinded man cannot see in the darkness -

Iran tv has said almost nothing about Sea of Green exept that some 'thugs' attacked police

MOUSAVI - continue to chant Allah Akbar from your balconies every night

Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail is now completely out of service in Iran

(Image from Tehran Bureau)

From the small hours of the morning:

Iran's police chief warns that it will "decisively confront" any further "illegal activities" after a day of clashes killed at least 19.

Ghaemi: Injured demonstrators were arrested at hospitals, doctors had been ordered
again it is dawn- we go to pray to Allah - pls people of the world pray with us - God is but one - Allah

I'm going to sleep a little before joining with the others, please pray for all people of Iran & wish us peace & freedom

Today was the worst day in my life

[Shiraz] You can here ppl shouting at their roofs. The strength is tripled comparing to last night.

Iranian state TV says Iran has arrested members of the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation, accusing them of terrorist activities.

Mousavi we will stand beside you - we will die beside you - Allah Akbar - peace be upon all man - #Iranelection

FB friend says: Iran source: there is a military tank in Azadi Square.

we have no confirmation of tank in Tehran - that is a rumor from Gov

What is notable about Shiraz is that the security forces have sometimes lashed out randomly at people who might only look like protesters.

lots of rumors about moving TANKS to Azadi Sq in Tehran... Can anyone confirm in Iran?

Yes, Neda is the bystander who became a martyr in front of her father. Watch

R.I.P Neda. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family tonight. [The woman who died yesterday was named Neda; thoughts are being tweeted here]

RT from iran We are the bird of freedom of Iran - but we have no wing without you Allah - peace be upon you

Assembly of Experts official letter dated one day before Khamenei's speech & signed by Ayatullah Yazdi

RT ON CNN NOW - Expert says if Merchants and Oil Workers STRIKED - GOV would be DOOMED

RT From Iran just now: ALERT: basij are breaking into houses right now, Please RT

I didn't believe in acid from choppers, but many around the Farsi web talking about it! what the hell is those bastards thinking?!

What's the plan for tomorrow? Anyone? I hear "strike" tossed around since that's what Mousavi suggested.

The guy from the ministry of interior sounds pathetic and desperate on TV... seems "the beginning of the end" has started4real

RT martial law?! they were blocking half of city. if this was not marshal law then what is?

Mehrnews report on Assembly of Experts supporting Khamenei may be yet another attempt at deception.

Reports: Tanks and Heavy Machine Guns Near Azadi SQ.

they should have finished the job today. it was their last chance.

Iran source says thr is a military tank in Azadi Square (I cnt confirm ths)

shame on our national army if IRG is really moving tanks & armor inside Tehran & they still do nothing

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