(video by Matt Steinglass) 

Neda burial under severe security measures and has done very quickly

tomorrow's rally with candles to remember the martyrs of protests 5-7pm all over iran

Police reports they arrested 475 people yesterday

 one protester: 'it's really sad, ppl getting killed, we don't have proper leadership'

that puts 3 v. powerful men against the supreme leader: Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Larijani, and they r no softies

contact: almost all Mousavi’s 1st & 2nd layer of people,his campaign mngrs, arrested. He's not allowed to speak to journalists

Mousavi says protesting #Iranelection "lies and fraud...is your (Iranian's) right." Urged calm, mourned those killed

new from Mousavi (cinfirmed by BBC) : protesting is the right of the people

Video of Today Clashes Near UN, http://bit.ly/4oFebj 1p.shouting to ppl: No Panic, World Watching Us

Faezeh Hashami (Rafsanjani's daughter) and other relatives released.

Faeze Hashemi was released! <<<< source?!

Neda confirmed by bbc persian: Faezeh Hashemi -daughter of ex-president of Iran- eleased #iranelection

Wow.. During Allaho Akbar and "Marg bar Dictator" I'm hearing new voices with more power than ever.

Check this video out -- Death for Freedom http://bit.ly/o7bbg His name was Saeed Abbasi. age:24/ single

CORRECTION: #neda's funeral ceremony tomorrow 4:30 pm MASJED e REZA, NILOOFAR SQ.

The prestigious mosque Nilufar that was to hold funeral of #Neda has canceled the program. Others'v been ordered same.

 Student movement leader Abdollah Momeni was arrested

"Death to the Dictator" Over Tehran, People Chanting over the roofs, Now! 

e-source: rooftop Allahu Akbars have begun

Hearing reports that Basij stormed Tehran University dorms at 2 am last night, students had barricaded themselves in. UNCONF

Ahmedinejad to US & UK: "with your behaviour you will not be among Iran's friends. I advise you to correct your interfering policies"

Reporters Without Borders says Iran arrested 23 journalists & bloggers since #iranelection protests began. Includes Zhila Baniyaghoub

Reports: More Clashes at Enghelab Sq from 16 till now...

Rallies on today in Tehran. Protester tells ABC News of beatings and chemical attack yesterday.

I Can Confirm Therre is Heavy Clashes at Tehran Pars Era Right Now, Protesters Making Fire on the Streets

About 5000 People holding lit candles in Hafte Tir Sq. have been attacked by anti-riot police

I Just Heard some Chants and Gunshots OP: "Death to Dictator, Death to Bassiji!" , Heavy Clashes at East Tehran, Right Now! 

RT If an innocent girl gets shot halfway across the world, does she make a sound? Yes, and the whole world hears her.

RT IRAN: This is not about #iranelection anymore. I support changing hashtag to #neda

RT About 10,000 ppl sitting on Str at Gisha St (North Tehran) No Police till now 

Autopsy of pregnant woman that was killed WARNING http://is.gd/18rOo [Extremely graphic. Cannot confirm.]

Manshot Man shot WARNING (picture) http://is.gd/18p8s

DW: special attention indicates that they expect Hashemi Rafsanjani will show a special reaction soon. 

Hashemi Rafsanjani: Center of News and rumors http://bit.ly/156jJL

RT Iran: People are changing name of Amirabad Ave to "Neda" by spraying signs.

Plz plz plz stop Denial of Service attacks and leave the hacking to the hackers. DDOS compromises all internet communication. 

New video: http://bit.ly/11Cox8 Not sure if its today or yesterday. 

Reliable sources rprting Mousavi's site Ghalamnews.ir seems to be no longer reliable. 

Un confirmed RT People holding lit candles in Hafte Tir Sq. have been attacked by anti-riot police

Google: We r trying to provide online satellite images of Tehran @ Google Earth

Breakingcar Google Earth is showing protests at street of Tehran. 

@Google maps has up2date sat.photos and street-names finally! http://maps.google.com/ 

(pic) who's the hooligan? http://i44.tinypic.com/2mcxuo.jpg 

CONF> GhalamNews.ir is NOT tursted. Mosuavi was at Jeyhoun st. last evening. 

Gunshot still is hearing from Tajrish SQ. People set fire and fired some Bassijs Motorcylcs 

Mousavi Announced: every Iranian is a media continue chanting Allaho Akbar at nights 

students are under pressure. security forces show them some pictures to recognize ones who were involved in protests 

Mousavi not arrested! Please stop the fake tweets, people are dying as you sit at your computers making up lies 

Exams postponed at Tehran's Azad Uni. until further notice after about 200 protesting students refuse to take them.

I think that what is happening now may be the most important world event since collapse of USSR


khamenei needs to be dragged by his beard to the Hague

Iranians Do NOT use ur real name ANYWHERE on twitter DO use TOR join Alive in Tehran fb group for more tools!!

New post at Alive in Tehran, security tools for Iranian media makers: http://aliveintehran.org/?p=11

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