A reader writes:

Regarding 'Tweeting Wolf' and the 'Baharestan Square Massacre'. I saw this article on the website for the French newspaper Le Monde this morning:  Entitled 'Witnesses from Iran' it interviewed three Iranians about the violence on Wednesday. One of the witness, 'M. habite a Teheran', went to Baharestan Square after the violence and spoke to some of the shop keepers in the square. They told him that:

"Then, all of a sudden, hundreds of Basiji came out of the Hedayat Mosque. They were dressed in black and carried batons, knives and axes! Can you believe that? They started to beat the people with their weapons. The shop keepers told me that they particularly took on the women and that they insulted them. [...]

I went then towards Saadi Street, where some shops were burnt. I was told that their proprietors had opened their shops to allow the demonstrators to enter and that they had been attacked by the Basiji. The shopkeepers also told me that the Basiji had pushed some people from the pedestrian bridge that overhangs Saadi Street. No-one knew the number of victims, but it must be high."

This is a third hand report, not proof, but I don't think we should assume that the tweets and CNN phone call on Wednesday were false.

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