From Iranbaan, via NIAC:

“Head of parliament’s judiciary committee: Mousavi accountable for illegal protests, can be pursued legally.”

“Iran MP: Ground ready to legally pursue Mousavi for ‘acting against national security.”

“Head of the Judicial Commission of Majlis has requested the judicial pursuit of Mir Hussein Mousavi.”

“Ali Larijani, Hashemi Shahroudi, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei about elections and recent events.”

“People have clashed with plain-clothed individuals and special forces in 7 Tir. These clashes are continuing.”

“Laleh Park and Shiroudi Stadium have become the command center to organize anti-riot police and plain clothes.”

“A group of people holding candles have sat down silently on the ground in 7 Tir Sq. but the special forces are planning to disperse them by attacking them.”

“Laleh Park and Shiroudi gym have become the centers for organizing anti-riot and the plain-clothes forces.”

“Laleh Park is taken over by the anti-riot guards; where they have set up tents and have brought more than 2000 forces.”

“People will demonstrate after 5pm everyday from Enghelab to Azadi to protest the repression and killings.”

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