Thinking About The Police State


A reader writes:

Kevin Sullivan nails it with his thumbnail sketch outlining the rise to power of the IGRC’s police state. Real power rests with the Guards Corps, and has for probably over a decade now. Sullivan’s notion that Iran is a theocracy in name only hits the nail on the head. In this respect, the Guards begin to resemble the SchutzStaffel under Himmler. People forget that under Himmler, the SS and their allied organizations the Siecherhiedstdeinst (SD) and the Geheimestaatspolizei (Gestapo) -all of whom answered to Himmler, wormed their way into all aspects of German society, and indeed set up rival economic fiefdoms within the German state, especially during the War. The corruption was widespread, and Himmler’s cronies made out like bandits during the lean war years. Not that it helped them when time came to meet the hangman. The same thing is happening here.

It would be interesting to see what Swiss Accounts are in the possession of the senior leadership of the IGRC and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as those who are members of the Pasadaran (I believe that is the correct term), the Iranian Secret Service. The question is-are matters really worse, is Iran truly in the hands of a fascist clique as the Israelis fear, or is this simply the Tattaglias and the Barzinis successfully having put Michael in his place so they can get the lion’s share of the Drug Trafficking money in New York? Remember, as Ledeen will tell you, the “reformist” guy was one of the hand picked candidates from the Council of Elders. Deck Chairs, meet Titanic. Great analysis once again by Kevin. The problem is that I am convinced that Jerusalem believes that a fascist coup is underway, and that there is a mortal threat to the Jewish people.

(Photo: Members of the Iranian hardline volunteer Basij militia enter Tehran's university where supporters of the Islamic republic's defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi were protesting against the latest election's results at Tehran's University on June 14, 2009. AFP.)