A twitterer named lettersoftheliv has published an exhaustive series of tweets as a how-to guide for non-violent demonstrations. Here's how to protect yourself from tear gas:

Do not pick up/throw back tear gas canisters- will severely burn your hands.

Vinegar soaked bandana helps you breath with tear gas. Contaminates fast, have extra.

Most tear gas injuries come from PANIC/chaos,not the chemicals:Ppl lose heads.Effects intense but very short-term.

Stay calm and yell “WALK, WALK” as you walk away from tear gas/pepper spray attack- spread calm.

Do not wear contact lens- pepper spray can linger and damage your eyes.

How to protect yourself during a basij assault:

Go limp-When rigid,easy to pick up & move.If limp weight,hard to pick up & move (Always tuck your head by looking at your belly)

link arms, stay in large groups, never touch a basiji, consider Sit Down when attacked (depending on plan/setting/ and Weapon)

If grp sits dwn & police grab at 1 to beat, that 1 should scoot back & ppl behind open up & pull thru to back.Ppl in front close gap.

If sit in grp&1 beaten w/batons,Ppl drape selves over target:spread hits over 3 ppl's butts, not 1 prsn's head.Cover head & torso

"No-Hit Strategy"-attacked ppl hv instinct 2 hit back:Never let ppl rcv more than 2 hits b4 swarming as group 2 protect.

Swarm/Surround agitators who are becoming violent so they cannot escalate the situation.

If police push u n grp,unsafe 2 push back:escalates situation.All cross ankles & sit in place.Impossible 2 push seated group.

At times you deem appropriate, sing or chant- do things to keep groups spirit strong- this is unbelievably important.

Stay alert, “Ignore” harassment- ignore yelling, throwing objects, etc Do not react emotionally- Do not engage baiting

Most powerful weapon you wield is SHAME- from your own religious/cultural context, choose symbolic NV acts.

Always scan for escape routes, easiest exits.

General preparation:

Know and trust ppl u are protesting with- don't mix NV and violent protesters

Be prepared – with talking points, chants, alternative plans, exit strategy, contingency plans, supplies, etc

Practice/Roleplay NV de-escalation & tolerating/surviving/escaping "basiji" in GROUPS. Discuss-strengths,weaknesses

Share “if I get arrested” info-emergency contacts/needs

Assign jobs- scout, scene assessment, food, map, exits, etc. Have 1 person off-site know where you are.

appoint teams of people 4 tasks- a team 2 scout & swarm agitators, keep deescalated (assume agitators r plants)

Avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine- dehydrating. Don't use anything that will impair judgement.

Stay hydrated- use oral rehydration solution:1 ts salt,8 ts sugar,1 liter clean drinking water:Stir.

If no bathroom available use privacy circle, group stands in circle around person, faces outward.

What to wear (or not to wear):

Wear a waterproof, nonabsorbent outer layer if possible. Cover your arms and legs.

Wear 2 pairs of underwear. If you get arrested, you have 1 to wear and 1 to wash.

Dress in layers, appropriately for weather.

WOMEN- Don't wear tampons- wear pads (can't remove if arrested or trapped, toxic shock syndrome)

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