A note from a Froomkin reader summing up the view of many:

Incredibly stupid decision by WaPo. Not only has Froomkin provided important information that no one else at the paper has covered -- not just important opinion, but pure unbiased information critical to the public's understanding of key issues -- his writing is lucid, accessible and never heavy-handed.

Meanwhile a pack of smarmy weasels ranging from Charles "Smirky" Krauthammer to Bill "My Constant Nervous Laughter Doesn't Really Cover the Fact that I'm a Fact-Free Hack" Kristol continue to thrive here with the same blather we can get from Fox News, and often do by the very same meme machines. Shame!

Adios, Dan, you wonderful, significant voice. You have served us well.

I like that "meme machines". It's not some conspiracy; it has nothing to do with Jews; it has everything to do with an ideological faction that is totally discredited in the country and world but propped up by Fred Hiatt. I mean: how would anyone justify giving Bill Kristol a column after he was fired at the NYT for work that would be laughed out of the blogosphere? Has anyone been more wrong about American politics for the past eight years?


NAUSEA.  Not just that Froomkin--who's a great read--has been let go, but what that says about the Post editorial page.
30 years I've read this paper. And who do they offer up today (6/19/2009)? Gerson, Kristol, Parker, Wolfowitz, Krauthammer, Michael Hayden.
That isn't an editorial roster appropriate to a major and fabled American newspaper--but to the narrow-spectrum quarterly journal of a political action committee.

And this is the point. After the last eight years of massive errors of judgment and no accountability, after the WaPo failed to do due diligence  on WMDs, after Woodward acted as a stenographer for Bush, the op-ed page actually increases its emphasis on Bush administration hold-overs and talking points, while fires one of the most independent voices it had.

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