The Neocons On Offense

Nicely put:

"It's clear why neoconservatives are launching this two-pronged assault on both Obama and his reputed realism. For eight years, neoconservative ideas were in ascendancy (particularly during the first four years of President George W. Bush's term). And while they wrap themselves in the mantle of American idealism, the actual results of their policymaking were, shall we say, less than ideal. President Bush did speak out boldly against North Korea and Iran. And both made considerable gains in their nuclear capabilities. From Egypt to Georgia, President Bush - egged on by neoconservative pundits and analysts - wrote rhetorical checks he had no intention (or ability) to cash."

The neocons aim, by a series of populist, cynical ploys, to restore the Bush administration foreign policy as soon as they can. Since they have no shame and display no responsibility for their past actions and faulty judgments, you can expect this campaign to continue. Like the far-left ideologues they emerged from, these far-right ideologues never give in or give up. It is always a war - at home and abroad - for them. Which makes resisting them exhausting, but also imperative for the sake of the national security of this country.