The MSM Again

So may emails like this. I know many MSM outlets have been spectacular, but whatever respect I had for cable news is now over:

Since yesterday afternoon, I've been riveted to both your site and the Huffington Post reading about what's been going on in Iran.  It's incredible and exciting and heartbreaking and heroic-- something really historic that thanks to new media is happening in real time and I am rooting for the Iranian protesters and hard.Mixed with that, though, is my just downright anger at how the news is being treated here in the US. 

The Cable News Networks have been a joke-- CNN has been awful as you've heard but at least they're talking about it.  MSNBC has been showing their stupid documentaries all weekend and FOX has barely mentioned the story lest it get in the way of hours and hours of Obama-bashing (the only time I've seen it discussed was in terms of how badly Obama is handling it).  But it's just not the news channels.  The NY Times has been great but the Washington Post has been mainly AWOL.

All the lesser news sites are just running AP feeds and AP's reports are barely skimming the surface of what's going on.  Everywhere else is pretty much silence-- it's like the entire news industry has taken the weekend off and just can't be bothered to work over the weekend.  Let this be a lesson out there to all the dictators out there that if you're going to stage a coup, do it on weekends when nobody cares. 

Why I'm so angry is because those brave protesters and brave students deserve better. They deserve the truth of what's going on out there to be known and they deserve to have their story to be told.  They're trying to stage one of the biggest revolutions in history and they're doing it pretty much alone as the one's who are supposed to make sure they don't appear to be too busy to be bothered.  Sadly, I think that if the protests are squashed and  Ahmadinejad is victorious, some of the responsibility will fall on us for not making a big enough deal of it as it should.

Long story short-- thank you for doing all that you have on this.  It's been incredible reading your site over the past few days and it's shown more than anything all of the promise of the new media