The Mousavi Campaign's Story

Their website has now produced another version of the "real results" I posted earlier - not proof of course, but evidence that the opposition believes this degree of fraudulence. And it sure makes sense of the bizarre series of events on Friday night:

Supposedly, the initial results that the MOI announced were based only on the first 500,000 ballots received, and that set the rest of Friday’s events in motion.  According to this site, the real results were:

  • Mousavi – 21.3 million (57.2%)
  • Ahmadinejad – 10.5 million (28%)
  • Rezai – 2.7 million (7.2%)
  • Karroubi – 2.2 million (6%)
  • Obviously, this should be taken with a huge grain of salt.  But Mowj is the unofficial website for the Mousavi campaign, so we wanted to present it here for you to interpret yourself.

    We should exercize maximum caution with these numbers. The first version circulated was markedly different from this one in particulars (although the gist is obviously the same).