The Masked Men, Ctd

Uskowi translates this video:

The voice: "Hit him, hit him with the baton, hit him with the baton... Pull him, pull him... Thugs should go to prison, thugs should go to prison..." There are voices toward the end that are not clear. Then the policeman pulls the young man from the ground, continue hitting him, ordering him "Don't move!" although he looked only half conscious.

But it now appears that this video actually dates from two years ago - as the Guardian just discovered. Another caveat of the raw data we are providing: please use your own judgment and take some of this provisionally. So far, the tweets and YouTubes have borne out in almost every case. But sometimes not. Of course, what this reminds us is that this police state has long existed. It's just the trappings of clerical legitimacy have just been shredded.