The Man Behind The Scenes

We strung together a series of recent tweets by persiankiwi:

At Friday prayers last wk Khamenei named Rafsanjani - it is very unusual to name anyone at Friday prayers. Rafsanjani is head of Guardians who appointed Khamenei - He has power to remove him too. During elections ANejad attak reputation of Rafsanjani on behalf of Khamenei. Rafsanjani is possibly most powerful man in Iran - he has support of army and many of Revolutionary Guard. Ppl of Iran know that Rafsanjani opposes Khamenei and ANejad - there is big division btween them for past 10yrs. Until today Rafsanjani has remained silent about elections fraud in Iran - this silence is v/important.

Rafsanjani is waiting 4 Gov to show world extent of their suppression of ppls. Rafsanjani is also waiting for wave of support to grow both in & out of country. Rafsanjani is slowly eroding support for Khamenei from behind scene. Rafsanjani is standing back to see who is who - who support who - to see who is trusted. Rafsanjani is allowing Revolutionary Guard commanders to choose their side - with ppl or against - trusted or not. When all positions clear - Rafsanjani has the military, financial & clerical power to mobilise. The process is slow - but certain - when Rafsanjani speaks - he will be heard.