News and anecdotal tweets from ABC's Lara Setrakian:

e-source: "Tehran is very very quiet. There's anger & passion, but going out to show it doesn't seem very productive and is very dangerous"

Confirmed firsthand account of another "Allahu Akbar" protester killed on the rootfop, this one in Tehran.

Hardline cleric calls for execution of #Iranelection protesters, without mercy, at Friday prayers. Called rioters warriors against God.

G8 statement 'deplores' #iranelection violence, tries democratic dialogue to settle the crisis

Russia calls #iranelection "an exercise in democracy"

Heard vivid first person account from a family that hid fleeing students from TehranU during #iranelection protest raids

girl protesters would hand out flowers to riot police to try to win them over, keep them from attacking

from trusted source, eyewitness at #iranelection protests: the acid attacks were real, dumped on protesters from above.

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