The Froomkin Backlash


The old media bores at the WaPo have really ruffled the blogosphere's feathers with their insane decision to kill off their best blogger. The outcry comes from left and right and all sorts of places which fit neither rubric. Here's Ed Morrissey; Steve Clemons:

I want all TWN's readers to know that Froomkin was one of those who greatly furthered serious public discourse about torture, domestic spying, the Iraq War, and many other stressful and important subjects -- and his platform at the Post will be missed.

Amen. Froomkin's coverage of the Bush-Cheney torture policy is of particular concern. This story is by no means over and Dan was essential reading in understanding and assimilating the mass of new data that is accumulating. The effort to hold government accountable for war crimes remains deeply relevant, and firing a blogger who helped expose the indecency and lawlessness of the last vice-president is a deeply cowardly move.

By the way, a small correction from Greenwald: in 2007, Froomkin wrote three - not two - of the top ten most trafficked columns on I suspect neocon pressure to remove anyone holding Cheney to account.