As the Tiller tragedy wound down today, O'Reilly stood his ground, Malkin revealed her hypocrisy, Hilzoy and Megan locked horns, and Ann Friedman urged the protection of clinics. We also published more abortion testimonials here, here, and here.

In torture news, McChrystal addressed his shady past, another detainee killed himself, Wheeler and Sargent parsed Cheney's rhetoric, Newt insulted our intelligence, and Taibbi vented over Obama. We also put together a preview of the president's historic speech in Cairo.

Obama took a notable step towards ending DADT, but Anderson and I agreed that his inaction on gay rights has been frustrating. New polling showed the continued popularity of his adminisration, the whitening of the Republican party, and the positive impact of coming out of the closet.

Finally, as we touched upon the meaning of death, the world said farewell to one of its great drag queens.

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