Today on the Dish, as the world prepared for Obama's speech in Cairo, we saw the far-right flip out over his "Muslim country" comment, the president continue to defy taboos, and the possibility of him advancing democracy in Iran.

As New Hampshire became the sixth state to recognize gay marriage, we touted its religious exceptions, showcased people unafraid of leaving the closet, and insisted to a reader that equality isn't possible without doing so. We also witnessed the bald bigotry of talk radio towards transgendered kids.

As the abortion debate continued, Mark Kleiman and John Culhane challenged my position, Dan Savage tackled a Dish reader, others piled on another reader, and we published two more testimonials here and here.

On the YouTubes we watched old Jews tell jokes, Dixie Carter exorcise her demons, Xbox blow your mind, and Fox and Friends wrap their heads around Bruno.

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